There’s a near-endless product line to put on your store’s shelves or sell to CBD stores. Knowing the best-selling CBD oils and other infused items is an essential part of your business strategy. Here are the top seven hemp extracts and infused products to keep in your inventory.

Full and Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

Actually, there are three primary formulas. The full-spectrum contains all the compounds found in the plant, which at last count was 545. This number includes THC. Although hemp contains a maximum 0.3% THC level, some consumers are sensitive to it, and others are concerned about drug testing. Professional athletes can use CBD, but any amount of THC can disqualify them from the competition.
A broad-spectrum blend that removes the THC but leaves the other compounds is the best option for these customers. The third option is the CBD oil isolate. As the name suggests, it’s 99% CBD. All other phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are stripped from the extract for a pure CBD.

CBD Vape Cartridges

Vape products are all the rage right now. However, new regulations regarding sales are limiting buyers to in-person purchases. Add these products to your store shelves or sell them to local distributors to attract more customers and increase overall sales. In addition, many buyers want flavors to enhance their experience. 

Develop vape products with unique terpene profiles that boost the taste naturally. You can also stock up on vape devices. The same regulations apply to vape pens and replacement parts. Also, cash in on the laws preventing businesses from popping products into the mail by displaying them on your shelves. 

CBG Oil 

Yes, it’s a different cannabinoid altogether. CBG is a phytocannabinoid with similar properties to CBD that consumers are turning to for an alternative to CBD. Offer your customers CBG tinctures and CBD/CBG blends. These may boost sleep quality and help reduce anxious thoughts. Along with tinctures, many brands are selling CBG gummies, vape oils, and capsules. 

CBD Beauty Products

CBD topicals have expanded well past lotions and lip balms. Brands are developing hemp-based makeup, skin toners, all-natural botanical deodorants, and anti-aging creams. Additionally, some offer CBD-infused shampoo, conditioners, body soap, and everyone’s favorite, bath bombs. So don’t skip a selection of CBD beauty products for your store’s inventory. 

After Gym Care Items

Offer CBD for muscle recovery.

A growing number of athletes and fitness enthusiasts are using CBD topicals before and after the gym. Top products include moisturizers to counteract moisture loss from daily showering and scrubbing and muscle rubs to help with post-workout recovery. Additionally, the same customers buy CBD gummies and oils to improve their sleep quality at night and speed up muscle recovery. 

CBD Gummies

You can’t have a CBD brand without edibles. Hemp-infused gummies are yummy, all-natural, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly. Add these to your shelves and appeal to a wide range of customers. Plus, CBD edibles aren’t necessarily all gummies. You can infuse drinks, health snacks, honey, and plenty of other consumables. 


These might sound boring compared to all the other products. However, capsules are a staple for any CBD brand. People that are new to CBD and many customers still prefer the traditional approach to their wellness routine. Capsules work similar to gummies, except the customer takes their dose with a full glass of water. 

Again, the opportunities with hemp are nearly endless. You can also use the discarded stalks for fiber and sell branded T-shirts, Totes, sweatshirts, tank tops, and similar items made with hemp. Choosing only a few products to line your shelves with first might be the bigger problem during your first year until you find a sales inventory that works for your brand.