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Multiple Product Options

CBD Franchise can help you get seeds from top-selling hemp varieties to offer customers different flower strains. Along with selling the flowers, brands can sell tinctures, edibles, capsules, and a wide range of topical applications, such as bath bombs, lotions, and balms.

Promote Natural Wellness

As a Florida CBD franchise, your brand is part of a movement that provides all-natural wellness products legally. Plant-based options are growing in popularity. Grow your own hemp and embrace the changes.

Meet Federal Regulations

CBD is a highly regulated market. As a CBD franchise in Florida, we’ll help you navigate current requirements for hemp cultivation, extraction, and sales.

Follow GMP Practices

Good manufacturing practices are essential for maintaining product safety by preventing cross-contamination and other hazards. CBD Franchise guides you through the steps necessary to meet these standards to provide high-quality hemp products.

Seed to Harvest Cultivation Education

There are many tricks and special considerations when you grow your own hemp. In addition, your Florida hemp franchise needs to meet specific milestones to be successful. We’ll provide you with the knowledge necessary to fulfill your production goals.

Learn About Third-Party Testing

CBD brands must adhere to strict third-party product screening requirements for purity, potency, and safety. CBD Franchise will help you connect with state-certified labs for independent testing.

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