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CBD Franchise is your personal guide to growing hemp in Florida. From seed to sale, we’ll help you with every step from cultivating premium hemp plants to harvesting the plants, manufacturing CBD products, and finding wholesale buyers for your top-shelf extracts. Launching a CBD brand is complex. It involves meeting state and local regulatory requirements, locating nutrient-rich soil, and competing with other hemp producers in the area. With our Florida hemp franchise, you’ll have access to the tools necessary to grow your own successfully.

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CBD Franchise is a CBD and hemp wholesale business dedicated to helping individuals and groups start CBD businesses without using a third-party producer to supply premium hemp plants. We believe a hemp franchise is a lucrative and beneficial venture for buyers and sellers throughout the industry. CBD Franchise walks you through the steps necessary to own a successful CBD brand in Florida that distributes premium hemp products across the state and throughout the U.S. We help clients with their Florida hemp franchise so they can spread the benefits of high-quality, safe, phytocannabinoid-rich products while earning a substantial return on their investment.


Our Services

Product Options

CBD Franchise can help you get seeds from top-selling hemp varieties

Natural Wellness

As a Florida CBD franchise, your brand is part of a movement.

Federal Regulations

CBD is a highly regulated market. As a CBD franchise in Florida.

GMP Standards

Good manufacturing practices are essential for maintaining product

Harvest Education

There are many tricks and special considerations when you grow.

Third-Party Testing

CBD brands must adhere to strict third-party product screening.

Growing Your CBD Brand

What to Expect


Choose CBD Franchise to guide you through the process of launching a successful hemp brand in Florida. With our help, you don’t have to guess at any stage of development. In addition, we limit the number of companies in each county to two to prevent oversaturation of the market and hurting your bottom line. CBD Franchise is your source for accurate information about growing, harvesting, processing, and testing premium hemp products from seed to sale. 


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Reserved Spots In Florida

The hemp market is growing by leaps and bounds. Entrepreneurs are learning about how lucrative the CBD industry is and want a piece of the action. Unfortunately, as more companies jump on board, less land is available for cultivating premium plants. An oversaturated market can dampen the success of all brands. 

With CBD Franchise, you don’t have to worry about it. Our fertile, nutrient-rich land is spaced to keep competition between cultivation facilities far enough apart to reduce conflicts and allow you to grow your own hemp without direct competitors right next door.

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