Why Grow Hemp: The Benefits of Cultivating Hemp

Most people think of hemp only as CBD. But the plant has so much more to offer. It contains over 500 naturally occurring compounds. Additionally, every part of the plant is viable. There are uses for its roots, stalk, leaves, and flowers. Grow hemp in North or South Florida easily and tackle multiple crops yearly with auto-flowering seeds. Learn more about how hemp can keep you busy and profitable in Florida. 

Hemp is Robust & Adapts to Any Climate

Hemp is a strong crop that easily adapts to most climates. Whether it’s the extreme heat of the south, the humid central part of the state, or the cooler northern area, you can cultivate the plants in any part of Florida. The only thing you need to start is an arid soil that drains well. CBD Franchise has already done the research. Any land you lease or purchase is ideal for growing a large hemp crop. Additionally, it’s an excellent plant for areas that need to conserve water usage. 

Hemp’s fan leaves do a great job of protecting the plants from the harsh sun and reducing the amount of water it needs to thrive. When you grow hemp, it’s best to underwater than overwater. You can fix drooping plants in a few hours with a little more hydration. Over-watered plants can develop mold and mildew, which can ruin the crop. 

Grow Throughout the Year with Auto-Flowering Seeds

Some hemp strains can take up to 12 weeks to grow. However, if you choose auto-flowering seeds, you can cultivate a new crop every 75 days, averaging four every year. You don’t have to go year-round, but it will increase your yield and profit. Auto-flowering plants have other benefits, such as reducing the need to monitor sunlight. Although it’s always sunny in Florida, a few cloudy days could reduce crop yield. 

Develop Nutrient-Rich Soil with Hemp 

You don’t need heavy pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers with hemp. The nutrients the plants produce feed the soil, rather than draining it as other crops do. Hemp has strong, thick roots that help aerate the land, preparing it for the next growing cycle. You can rotate with other crops and use fewer chemicals to prepare the soil. 

However, you don’t have to rotate vegetation. Hemp also creates a large amount of biomass. When you leave it in the field to decompose for a few weeks, it returns the unspent nutrients into the ground. This process will make your next batch even more impressive than the last. 

Endless Uses for Hemp

Some joke that hemp is a plant with over 20,000 uses. However, they’re not far off. While you may only see CBD products, it’s capable of so much more. Hemp paper is an excellent way to help reduce the environmental footprint of your customers. Cannabis Now points out that hemp doesn’t require a bleaching process, that’s toxic, it’s good for the soil, more durable than most other materials, and best of all, it’s a renewable resource. That tree cut down for paper? It takes between 20 to 80 years to replace. The hemp field? Four months.

That’s just a tiny fraction of what hemp offers. Along with supplying local CBD stores, you can provide products for health food businesses. Hemp hearts, which are shelled hemp seeds, are growing in popularity for their high nutritional value. They’re packed with fiber and an excellent blend of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. 

Find out how to start your own CBD Franchise by cultivating hemp plants in Florida. The possibilities are endless, from health food store staples, such as hemp hearts and sustainable goods, such as paper, to CBD products, including oils, edibles, flowers, and rubs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get started.